Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Review

so i have cooked 2 microwave burritos

and im out of sour cream, ~i know right?

so i go to my neighbor and say, hey im doing a blog review on your sour cream and you need to give it to me

and he says, no

and i said, um yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hello, blog review, duh

and he said, get off my porch

and i said, look buddy, if you dont give me your sour cream im going to point my potato launcher at your house instead of at the crazy 80 year old lady's house with lots of cats.

and he said, at least *I* have sour cream for my potatoes

and i said, touche you bastidd, then the police escorted me home (as usual)

so i put ketchup on my burritos

it was ketchupy

tomorrow i blog review butter

i like toast and i need butter, so i will ask the crazy old lady with a lot of cats for some. she is too old to remember i shoot at her with a potato launcher.


  1. geez, God created neighbors to give you sour cream, clearly he has issues.

  2. Hi Sparkle. Youshould do a blog review of your neighbor's pants!!

  3. Sparkkle, you've just made my night!

  4. @rebecca @belle blog

    i am totally doing a blog review on his sorry ass pants wearing self when he insists on firing up his damned leaf blower before noon. i mean hello, some of us have hang overs, duh

  5. sparkklejar, I need your potato bazooka because I'm reviewing it on my Web log for reviewing purposes regarding potato bazookas and their place in society and the place and things.

  6. i probably should relinquish the tatoe launcher over to you, i have been accused several times of not being very sportsmanlike for shooting taters at an 80 year old woman. But cmon, she is so slow i can pelt her at least 24 times before she even gets to her mailbox.

  7. You crack me up. I like your "fake" blogging!

  8. he he he...

    he he he he.,....

    it get's funnier the more you read it!

  9. fake blogging is the new real blogging

  10. sidesplittingly drink spittingly funny.

  11. Exactly how many cats does this lady have? Do you think it is safe to review, I mean eat her butter? A few cats, ok. I saw those animal hoarder shows and I wouldn't eat butter from any of them.

    As for the burrito, I actually decided at the last minute last week not to make them because we were out of sour cream!

    But seriously, very funny post! Loved it.


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