Tuesday, February 17, 2009

funandtrendy redandsparkly


Bonanzle seller funandtrendy, caught my eye with their beautiful Guatemalan bracelets & charmed me with a little bauble about themselves too.

Mary & Richard Black, currently in Paulden Arizona, are known as funandtrendy on Bonanzle.com. Not new to online selling, but new to Bonanzle, this husband and wife team feature walking sticks, pet supplies, and a new line of eco friendly bio degradable products by a U.S. company called Wheatware.

Most beautiful & appealing are funandtrendy's magical assortment of hand-woven beaded bracelets. These Stunning adornments are fair-trade jewelry, made by & support the women in the highlands of Guatemala.

When asked what she liked so far about Bonanzle, Mary's reply, " I really enjoyed the community feel of it. People are amazingly supportive of one another. Really super people here."

Many Bonanzle sellers also use Etsy.com too, when asked if funandtrendy was also on Etsy, "No we don’t Etsy although I am in the process of making some cool, hand-knitted, funky scarves." All this & she knits too! Looking forward to the scarves!

About Richard & Mary,

"My husband and I are modern day Gypsies! We sold our home 18 months ago and travel around pet/house sitting. We have a pet/travel blog:
We’re kind of renegades cause we up and left our kids, parents, grand kids and all the rest of the family! We figured “The time is Now” better get doing what you always wanted to do. It just fell into our lap and we have been loving it.Our philosophy is "be as kind and forgiving to others and yourself as you possibly can…no matter what. Life is too short for fear and bitterness. Joy and Smiles, Mary and Richard Black"

You can visit funandtrendy on Bonanzle. A variety of well photographed unique items make funandtrendy's Bonanzle booth a must to add to your faves!http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/funandtrendy

Has anyone seen my MaGiC LeTTeRs?
Always A Sparkle Pimp

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Purpose Thread

We all have a vintage trinket or two just floating about the house. Fabulous finds hide in your junk drawer, in your hall closet, or in the bottom of your sewing basket, longing to be rescued & lovingly revived.

Vintage upcyclers know how to take the old and used & give it new life & a new purpose.

With little effort & no talent, wooden spools are reborn into shabby little objects of affection.

3 large wooden spools with partial labels still intact evolve from a naked circle of wood into whimsical shelf sitters.

Making the old into something new that looks old again requires paint, water slide decals, glitter & a good sealer.

After sanding any loose label smooth, paint your spools in titanium white acrylic paint. For small wooden projects like these spools, I use a thicker craft acrylic. Using uneven brushstrokes going against the grain & allowing to dry, your spools are now ready for a quick distressing with fine grade sandpaper.

Water slide decals are easily applied to one side of these shabby cuties. Finishing touches added after the decal is allowed to dry overnight & include a generous all over smear of acrylic suspended silver glitter, deco art makes my favorite. Deco Art twinkles come in a variety of colored glitter & smear beautifully with your fingertip. Allowing to dry once more, lightly seal your spools in matte enamel spray.

Sometimes, we take for granted the thread we love the most. We use it to darn our emotional socks, embroider a smile on our faces & mend our broken hearts. We often find it easier to thread our needles than appreciate the core. I love you Mom, I know I don't say it enough. Thanks for letting me use your thread.

These Vintage Spools Available on Etsy

Fabulous waterslide decals available here:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tapioca Pink

Great gifts come from the heart & are wrapped with love.
Twisting a vintage laundry pin into a pretty gift tie, place card holder, or ornie bowl filler, is an inexpensive unique way to make a sweet presentation.

No talent required for creating cottage clothes pins.

My personal favorites use a deep mauve acrylic paint fused out with a wonderful delta color called tapioca.

Generously spreading uneven brushstrokes of this whimsical tapioca pink over a vintage clothespin, allowing to dry, sanding in all the good places, and painting a primitive rose on one side, gives you a joyful chic piece of reworked vintage. Finish with lacy white dots and an enamel based matte sealer. My favorite red primmy roses use tomato red, butter cream and extender for acrylics.

A wonderful seller that is new to Etsy has provided me many a clothes pin, I gave him some blog love now give him your Etsy hearts!

navyman26 of navy man's lost treasures
Eat all your MaGiC LeTTeRs, They're good for you & chocked full of vitamins.

Sparkly Red Stuff

All the best elements in the known celestial universe. What red blooded woman's heart could resist such a beautiful find? Sparkly garnet colored marquis rhinestones embrace small circles set in a wavy S shape.
Beautiful brooch.

I love red~I love marquis~I love sparkle

And I absolutely have fallen head over heels for
on Bonanzle.
Juliana Garnet Red Rhinestone Brooch-DeLizza & Elster Pin
Stuff's booth
Features beautiful sparkly items, brooches, bakelite, vintage, designer signed, fenton, & more.


Well photographed with pleasing shipping. Stuff hails from Enid, Oklahoma.

Sparkklejar & Rose Red

Allowing me to run a muck with paint often ends in a delightful mess.

In May of 2008, after being a good & faithful girl to a less than monogamous venue called eBay, I ran screaming hands flailing into the arms of another lover. Truly Etsy.com hearts me.

My passion for fruit jars met my lust for creating & I combined the two addictions together.

I have recently discovered yet another cakey venue & was tempted in slowly, seduced if you will, monogamy no more. Bonanzle.com is my other lover, after being used & abused by eBay, one loses her taste for a single commitment. Why have one when you can have two? Eggs in one basket?~I think not.

Little known boring facts about me that may send you into a drooling state of lethargy after reading:

My favorite color is actually black. NOT pink.
I was once sued for allegedly cracking some one's skull with a mason jar. (she allegedly deserved it.)
I own over 1,000 jars in my personal fruit jar collection.
I once sold a jar on eBay for 72.00 that i found in someone's recycle bin.
I own Barley Bliss & manufacture natural microwave heating bags.

I would love you to twitter my fancy (sparkklejar) heart me on etsy and fave me on bonanzle.

I plan on using this blog to promote YOU as an etsy seller, YOU as a bonanzle seller, YOU as the owner of your own web sales site, & as an outlet for my relentless ranting especially when Aunt Flo is here to visit.

MaGiC LeTTeRs are your friends, Lisa B. ~Panderer of all Things Sparkly.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I acquiesced

Well Sparki held out defiantly against the blog wagon for quite some time & it seems I have lost.
My pride trampled, here exists my blahg.

May you find amusement in my defeat.

MaGiC LeTTeRs are your friends. Lisa B. ~Panderer of all Things Sparkly.