Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lullaby for Amy

Sweetest songs to help you dream
so you can make the sparkly butt cream

Close your eyes and rest your head
I like egg salad on sour dough bread

Beauty sleep you stunning looker
also known as a soap cooker

Fluff your pillow Snuggle your cover
Shorty is an eenie meenie miny mo lover

Caviar dreams and champagne wishes
I forgot to do the dishes

Lullaby and nighty night
train wrecks end in big cat fights

I hope your sleeping because of these words
the only thing i can think of to rhyme is turds

Thanks for the laughter you add forum sparkle
if you want to save a thread just put your markle

Go to your warm bed darling Amy
Id write more but i have to go pee

Bomo Bob will sing this for you in the tune of any Barry Manilow song. He says he doesn't know any but that is a big fat lie.