Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Success in Mediocrity

since the unofficial etsy newsletter, "etsy unsuccess" has been unsuccessful in launching~which is what makes unsuccess a success in an opposite day on planet bizarro kind of way, sort of~ I am posting this on my blog until the newsletter is out circulating spreading unsuccessful tips to the masses.

after you have alienated yourself from your friends and family through your relentless tweeting and your super annoying facebook posts, you will find you have a lot more free time to focus on expanding your creative horizons, largely due to the fact everyone hates you now and is sick of your felted foxes wearing cowls and fingerless gloves.

Use the time of being alone and ostracized (like when you were in high school, remember?) to create new ways to achieve greatness in mediocrity.

what mediocrity can do for you...

painting a soup can, applying a decal and pink glitter, got me on etsy's front page within 48 hours of listing it and the can sold to a lovely lovely overseas buyer.

and remember kiddies, do not quit your day job.

more unsuccessful advice thus proving the power of mediocrity in the hand made market place: