Saturday, August 22, 2009

I can't spell, but kneether kan ewe

I acquired this jar while helping a friend of mine sort canning jars a local charity had given her. We sorted through about 6 huge boxes of quart size modernish canning jars combined with glass shards, dirt, and my favorite jar accessory, The Spider.
Last of these quite large boxes, I found this little cutie and asked if I could have it. Early 1940's round Kerr wide mouth squat pint.
It took me about 6 months to notice SELF is spelled SELE.

Kerr Economy

Four versions of the kerr economy & economy unthreaded squat pints.
Group of three: Top jar is an unusual color in olive green made in sand springs oklahoma. Bottom Left is a very rare steele blue made in chicago ill. Bottom right is an unusual pink mauve that never turned amethyst after years in the sun, also made in chicago~must just have a touch of manganese dioxide which is unusual for a chicago jar especially embossed kerr and not just economy.
Single jar, simply embossed economy, made in portland oregon. I turned this jar a nice deep sun purple myself, only took a short while to turn so it must have quite a bit of managanese. It started out clear with an ugly rootbeer brown tint in the base.