Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally a successful blog review


my mooching stuff for my blog review has been a success, and FREE hot sauce packets from taco bell were donated for review.

so i took the kiddlings out for .99c value meal tacos and we bought 8 of them

and they only gave us 7 hot sauce packets, which was pretty unprofessional and lazy of them

so i saunter up to the counter and say, i need more hot sauce packets

and the taco bell girl says, how many do you need?

and i say 15

and she says, you need that many?

and i said, yes now give them to me because i am a valued paying customer

and she hands me a handful and she is all like, whatever!

and i am all like, make a run for the border!

and she is all like, talk to the hand!

and i am all like, yo quiero taco bell!

and she is all like, oh no you di'int!

and i am all like. oh yes i di'id!

and the guy in line behind me pipers in and says, hey unless you two girlies are going to get naked and have an all girl wrestling smack down in a kiddie pool of refried beans, you need to hurry this along because i havent got all day

so i grabbed my FREE hot sauce packets and went home

Hot Sauce Packet Review:

packets of hot sauce from taco bell, are hot saucy, taco belly and packety.

and for the record I am not the kind of girl who naked wrestles in a kiddie pool filled with anything less than cream corn, can you believe that guy?


  1. Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets are made in Taiwan using discarded rat entrails. We feed them to the Cannibal mice around here.

  2. I feed the to my kids, that's similar right?

  3. What, no giveaway? What am I gonna do with all these twitter/rss/heart points?

  4. Maybe you can go to McDonalds and try to score some Ketchup next.. they're a lot more stingy there, so good luck!

  5. I'm so happy this whole 'blog review freebie' thing finally worked out for you. Might I suggest some horsey sauce from Arby's next? I'd really like to get your opinion on that.

  6. ROFLMAO!! Loved the posts. As I was pulling a wad of dog hair off my foot I thought of you. I was wondering if you have a favorite brand of potatoes for your potato launcher? Reds are more uniformly round, but the white go a bit further with more accuracy due to their elongated shape. Ones that are rotten on one end work the best.

  7. I am totally flattered that wads of dog hair provoke happy fond thoughts of Sparki. Dog and cat hair are my free gift to buyers and are always included stuck to the packing tape.

    Russet potatoes are my current favorite. The impact factor is scientifically proven optimal for the plutonium powered 3000 potato launcher dual margarita mixer model i have, according to the owners manual.

  8. SOOO FUNNY!!!

    I once hoarded to handfuls of Arby's sauce in my glove compartment...only to find it all a year later. Yuck!

  9. ooooo vintage arby sauce. so yum so so yum.

  10. i have many many packets of things in my fridge,... take your pick, review.


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