Monday, August 30, 2010

Buttered Toast Epic Fail Blog Review

yet another failed blog attempt at mooching free stuff to review.

so in my endeavor to fulfill my buttered toast review promise, i sauntered on over to my neighbors house and knock on her door, and her 80 year old cat loving self cracks it open and says, what do you want?

and i say, I need your butter for my toast for a blog review.

and she says, arent you the girl from across the street who shoots potatoes at me?

and i say no

and she says, i think you are

and i say, you think wrong because you are old and senile and probably have rabies from your cats biting you

and she says, you will never get my butter, never, and slams her door

and i yell, well you'll need the butter for all the potatoes im going to shoot at you! then i spray painted her garage door "cat, the other white meat".

there will be no buttered toast blog review today, which is just as well because the butter probably has fur in it and smells like kitty pee.


  1. aw, I'd have sent you a knob of butter if I had known...

  2. AHAHAHA! want to review the mystery meat from my freezer?

  3. I think I have some dryer lint I can send you to review...

  4. OMG you are a riot! Did you ever get any butter? It doesn't get any butter than this LOL!


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