Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tapioca Pink

Great gifts come from the heart & are wrapped with love.
Twisting a vintage laundry pin into a pretty gift tie, place card holder, or ornie bowl filler, is an inexpensive unique way to make a sweet presentation.

No talent required for creating cottage clothes pins.

My personal favorites use a deep mauve acrylic paint fused out with a wonderful delta color called tapioca.

Generously spreading uneven brushstrokes of this whimsical tapioca pink over a vintage clothespin, allowing to dry, sanding in all the good places, and painting a primitive rose on one side, gives you a joyful chic piece of reworked vintage. Finish with lacy white dots and an enamel based matte sealer. My favorite red primmy roses use tomato red, butter cream and extender for acrylics.

A wonderful seller that is new to Etsy has provided me many a clothes pin, I gave him some blog love now give him your Etsy hearts!

navyman26 of navy man's lost treasures
Eat all your MaGiC LeTTeRs, They're good for you & chocked full of vitamins.

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