Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sparkklejar & Rose Red

Allowing me to run a muck with paint often ends in a delightful mess.

In May of 2008, after being a good & faithful girl to a less than monogamous venue called eBay, I ran screaming hands flailing into the arms of another lover. Truly Etsy.com hearts me.

My passion for fruit jars met my lust for creating & I combined the two addictions together.

I have recently discovered yet another cakey venue & was tempted in slowly, seduced if you will, monogamy no more. Bonanzle.com is my other lover, after being used & abused by eBay, one loses her taste for a single commitment. Why have one when you can have two? Eggs in one basket?~I think not.

Little known boring facts about me that may send you into a drooling state of lethargy after reading:

My favorite color is actually black. NOT pink.
I was once sued for allegedly cracking some one's skull with a mason jar. (she allegedly deserved it.)
I own over 1,000 jars in my personal fruit jar collection.
I once sold a jar on eBay for 72.00 that i found in someone's recycle bin.
I own Barley Bliss & manufacture natural microwave heating bags.

I would love you to twitter my fancy (sparkklejar) heart me on etsy and fave me on bonanzle.

I plan on using this blog to promote YOU as an etsy seller, YOU as a bonanzle seller, YOU as the owner of your own web sales site, & as an outlet for my relentless ranting especially when Aunt Flo is here to visit.

MaGiC LeTTeRs are your friends, Lisa B. ~Panderer of all Things Sparkly.

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