Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Bonanzle seller funandtrendy, caught my eye with their beautiful Guatemalan bracelets & charmed me with a little bauble about themselves too.

Mary & Richard Black, currently in Paulden Arizona, are known as funandtrendy on Bonanzle.com. Not new to online selling, but new to Bonanzle, this husband and wife team feature walking sticks, pet supplies, and a new line of eco friendly bio degradable products by a U.S. company called Wheatware.

Most beautiful & appealing are funandtrendy's magical assortment of hand-woven beaded bracelets. These Stunning adornments are fair-trade jewelry, made by & support the women in the highlands of Guatemala.

When asked what she liked so far about Bonanzle, Mary's reply, " I really enjoyed the community feel of it. People are amazingly supportive of one another. Really super people here."

Many Bonanzle sellers also use Etsy.com too, when asked if funandtrendy was also on Etsy, "No we don’t Etsy although I am in the process of making some cool, hand-knitted, funky scarves." All this & she knits too! Looking forward to the scarves!

About Richard & Mary,

"My husband and I are modern day Gypsies! We sold our home 18 months ago and travel around pet/house sitting. We have a pet/travel blog:
We’re kind of renegades cause we up and left our kids, parents, grand kids and all the rest of the family! We figured “The time is Now” better get doing what you always wanted to do. It just fell into our lap and we have been loving it.Our philosophy is "be as kind and forgiving to others and yourself as you possibly can…no matter what. Life is too short for fear and bitterness. Joy and Smiles, Mary and Richard Black"

You can visit funandtrendy on Bonanzle. A variety of well photographed unique items make funandtrendy's Bonanzle booth a must to add to your faves!http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/funandtrendy

Has anyone seen my MaGiC LeTTeRs?
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