Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Purpose Thread

We all have a vintage trinket or two just floating about the house. Fabulous finds hide in your junk drawer, in your hall closet, or in the bottom of your sewing basket, longing to be rescued & lovingly revived.

Vintage upcyclers know how to take the old and used & give it new life & a new purpose.

With little effort & no talent, wooden spools are reborn into shabby little objects of affection.

3 large wooden spools with partial labels still intact evolve from a naked circle of wood into whimsical shelf sitters.

Making the old into something new that looks old again requires paint, water slide decals, glitter & a good sealer.

After sanding any loose label smooth, paint your spools in titanium white acrylic paint. For small wooden projects like these spools, I use a thicker craft acrylic. Using uneven brushstrokes going against the grain & allowing to dry, your spools are now ready for a quick distressing with fine grade sandpaper.

Water slide decals are easily applied to one side of these shabby cuties. Finishing touches added after the decal is allowed to dry overnight & include a generous all over smear of acrylic suspended silver glitter, deco art makes my favorite. Deco Art twinkles come in a variety of colored glitter & smear beautifully with your fingertip. Allowing to dry once more, lightly seal your spools in matte enamel spray.

Sometimes, we take for granted the thread we love the most. We use it to darn our emotional socks, embroider a smile on our faces & mend our broken hearts. We often find it easier to thread our needles than appreciate the core. I love you Mom, I know I don't say it enough. Thanks for letting me use your thread.

These Vintage Spools Available on Etsy

Fabulous waterslide decals available here:

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