Monday, June 15, 2009

SoOo Blue Indeed

Thank you Henrietta, this SEO disaster certainly has me singing the blues. (Atleast it's not a boy named Sue...)


  1. I laughed out loud! Silly girl


  2. Hey Lisa,
    I got more posts & pix done at my soggy blogy, go check it out...

    This google thing etsy is fixing ???does not seem to change searchs yet, a Jar of yours that sold Jan 3rd 09 was listed 21 Dec 08,still shows up with tags "handmade glass on etsy. dumb huh? maybe new items when listed now won't have those front tags??? I sure hope thats soon, Luv ya, Shar

  3. well, summer stinketh for jar sales so i figure they have until august to sort it out, i havent bothered to xml load my items, thats how much i know june is bad for sales. i rely more on twitter.


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