Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Had to show off the most shabby primmy pins I have ever done and the first purple ones. These pins are super vintage, kind of chunky and have reinforcement stopper wire. Shakey hand gramma tole folk roses in shades of purple, primitive Americana traditional in a not so traditional color.

Color my cottage in purple...

available on etsy ships free to the united states:

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  1. I Love these, so I ordered some too, I don't think I'll try painting any, I can't do the free hand like U, But Denise(new Daughter in law to be) will like some I think, she has an old bowl full of Antique glass doorknobs for a centerpiece in the living room, they(Jus & Den)have an old weahtered wood barn door in their kitchen for Goodness sake, she loves the old jars and shabby chic stuff, my other dau-in-law loves old glass, my own Daughter NOT so much S~


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