Thursday, October 29, 2009

License & Registration Please

Thank you Karen of Portland Oregon for prying my front license plate out of your front driver side door and giving it back to me. Next time you pull out directly in front of on coming traffic without yielding, you may not want to come to a complete stop when you realize "Oh snap! There's an oncoming Jeep Cherokee going 40 miles an hour 8 feet away from me!"


  1. Stop looking at my messy house...

  2. I am just glad nobody was hurt! What kind of person carries a partially filled out accident report form in their car?

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  4. well there are some theories. 1. she was just itching for an opportunity to total her car & was prepared in advance. 2. Type A overly organized obsessive compulsive personality. 3. someone who wrecks cars, a lot.

    Maybe there is some police bonus you get if you are the first of the two parties in an accident to fill out the report form? If that's the case, she won. Even if she did cheat a little. So she may get the police prize bonus but she also got the citation so no complaints from me.

    Part of me is a little jealous though and I cannot help but hope her prize is a coupon for a free car wash.

  5. Glad you weren't electrocuted by the Prius..
    Mechanics working on them are instructed to wear gloves to protect them from 10K volts of electricity.. just in case..

  6. UR so funny Lisa, I guess its better to laugh at these idiot drivers than to cry over spilt milk huh? Luv Ya, S~

  7. Yeah, why cant she drive her toaster to work? Seems like it accomplishes the same thing.

    (Sorry to Prius owners, but I now will forever make merciless fun of you.)

    Friends dont let friends drive toasters.

  8. Hey Lisa, Nice License Plate UR hiding behind, so glad U get to keep it as a reminder, He He.. so thoughtful of Karen of Portland

    Is your jeep ok, or is it toast too ?

    we drive a Red 91 Jeep Cherokee,hope we don't become a target...what color was her Prius ?, of course if she comes up this way she might have another color one this time

  9. we had a 91 red cherokee too at one time.

    her toaster err prius was blue. Her next car needs to be bright sunshine yellow wrapped in bubble wrap and tied with a big caution tape bow.

    My amethyst jeep at first we thought was OK is now leaning toward a total too.

    I hope Karen gets her license suspended.

    You can't drive drunk, or on drugs, or even mad, but apperantly it's ok to drive while stupid.

    this accident was completely idiotic. Thanx Karen, they have 55 alive classes here in Portland, check one out! Enroll NOW!

  10. I guess that means no invitation for popcorn, bummer.

  11. No you can come over for popcorn. I glued wheels on the toaster but the microwave is OK. We can watch instructional movies on how to drive. (((James)))


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