Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Really A Fairy

I wouldn't hide all your left shoes or un~alphabetize your CD's.
You deserve a random piece of wrapped chocolate in your coat pocket every so often & a surprise present left on your car seat or in your coffee cup once in awhile.

Hope the tulips remembered to thank you for your generous gift of a brand new brita water filter.

~Fairy Princess of all Things Sparkly


  1. Ok Fairy girl, I wish you would quit mentioning that C word, we are out of Chocolate anything, excpet a few choc chips reserved for a Banana cake we are going to bake..soon I hope or they might disappear ;^)
    sounds like your having a good day, your sense of humor still intact Luv S-

  2. MmMm You know my address, banana cake should be arriving in a few days... Luv ~L

  3. How can you talk about tulips expressing gratitude and claim you are not a fairy? Hmmm?

  4. Lisi, are you really this retarded?


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